Friday, August 31, 2007

The 2007-2008 Piggy Tales DT

The PT team was announced Wednesday night. I am totally thrilled to be staying on for another year, along with Celia, Melanie and Ruthy. And very excited to get to know the new girls!

CONGRATULATIONS to the following people on making Piggy Tales' 2007-2008 Design Team!
Lacintha Naidoo
Celia King
Julie Overby
Beck Heisler
Amber Winward
Tracie Hudson
Melanie Douthit
Ruth Clarke
Barb Pfeffer
Teresa Tyree
Trina Linford

A little something for all the members, new and returning alike:

Here's to a great year!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Grease is the Word

Yesterday I decided to tackle our Grease photos from last summer, in my continuing quest to finish up the kids books so I can move forward to one album only. Doing the same set of photos 4 times usually isn't that much fun, but I really had a blast with these. I don't normally post more than one version of a LO. I just pick whichever I like best and go with it. But I really loved how both the 12x12 and 8.5x11 version ended up, so wanted to show them both (the 2 other 8.5x11s are the same, only the pic is different).

I might very well be in a Scenic Route rut, but man do I love the stuff. It seems to make my LOs come together so easily. And you can't argue with that, right? ;)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Batting .500

So yesterday I had 2 layouts picked up by Scrapbook Trends. Funny that ... I hadn't submitted to them in 6 months, maybe more. And I submitted these ahead of the deadline since we were going to be out of town so much this month. So I'd forgotten all about it. I got quite a little shock when I saw the first email come in, and even more when the second came. I even had to check my spreadsheet to see what I'd submitted. Turns out I sent in 4. And 2 got picked up. Not too shabby, right?

This Blogging Thing

I guess I will try this whole blogging thing. Again. I'm not the best at coming up with topics, but eh, here we go.

If it's not obvious, I decided to title this blog after the classic children's song. Because that's pretty much the story of my life ... everything seems to lead back to the beginning in one big circle.